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- We sell more than 1,000 cards per month, most of the customers agree that these are the most worthy of Zelda merchandise as game products

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- We do many tests before ship, 100% Perfect Scan as Amiibo, 22/23/24pcs, No duplicate, 7 days Full refund Guarantee

- Gamer Designed, 23/24 Card in 1 Crystal Case, small as the Nintendo switch game cards size, Coolest Gadgets for Zelda collector

- Super Complete Manual, all card drops sheet, amiibo tips, you can download right now! (look down below)

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- All the cards bought from Zelda cards will have Lifetime Warranty! ( We had updated our terms on February 13, 2020, all the orders after this time will enjoy a lifetime warranty, we also update all the regular customers and all the order to two years warranty! please be our subscriber to receive the warranty terms email )

More Info About The Zelda Cards Pack:

- The waterproof and scratch-resistant card is made of durable PVC with built-in high-quality smart chips ( we only use the best ). 

- Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Wii U and New 3DS systems

- Compatible with Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild (Complete Suitable), The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Complete Suitable),  Super Mario Maker 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and more

- 22/23/24 Cards in 1 Crystal Case.

- Ultra Small Size: 1.25 x 0.85 x 0.05 inches, Easy to take and collection

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How to use (Quick Guide):

1. Finish the first Shrine challenge
2. Press "Start" bottom in-game, choose "system -- options"
3. Set the Amiibo option in "use Amiibo"
4. Put the card on the right stick (in Wii U put on the left side, it's two square signs)


Quick Start Guide Video:

Quick tips for you:

1. You can only scan each amiibo once per day. Each amiibo related to Legend of Zelda drops a unique piece of armor or gear, so it’s worth checking every day until you get something truly unique. It’s possible to get doubles too, so sell those extra parts.

2. All the Amiibo Cards has a different design with the original amiibo, so we have a digital user manual with the datasheet for you if you download and you can find which card corresponding the amiibo easily.

You can download the digital manual through this link:

Download Manual ( Updated on 18 Feb 2020)

Cards List:

No.1 Wolf Link - 20 Hearts
No.2 The Legend of Zelda - Link Majora's Mask (Drop Fierce Deity Armor)
No.3 The Legend of Zelda - Link Skyward Sword
No.4 Super Smash Bros - Sheik
No.5 Super Smash Bros - Ganondorf
No.6 Super Smash Bros - Link (Summon Epona)
No.7 Breath of the Wild - Link (Rider)
No.8 Toon Link - The Wind Waker (30th Anniversary )
No.9 Breath of the Wild - Zelda
No.10 Breath of the Wild - Guardian
No.11 Super Smash Bros - Toon Link
No.12 Super Smash Bros - Zelda
No.13 8 Bit Link (30th Anniversary )
No.14 Breath of the Wild - Link (Archer)
No.15 Breath of the Wild - Bokoblin
No.16 Zelda - The Wind Waker (30th Anniversary )
No.17 Ocarina of Time Link (30th Anniversary )
No.18 Link (Twilight Princess) (Summon Epona)
No.19 Zora Champion - Mipha
No.20 Rito Champion - Revali
No.21 Goron Champion - Daruk
No.22 Gerudo Champion - Urbosa
No.23 Super Smash Bros Young Link (the 22 in 1 pack did not include)

No.24 Link's Awakening (the 22/23 in 1 pack did not include)

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Package Include:

  • 22/23/24 pcs Nfc Game Cards
  • Crystal Case for Cards Deck
  • Free High-Quality Gadgets for Nintendo Switch
  • Digital User Manual


Official Wolf Link Amiibo Trailer:

Official Breath of the Wild Amiibo Trailer:


Hyrule Warriors: Legends Amiibo Trailer:


Link's Awakening Amiibo works on Botw:


Frequently Asked Questions

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Special Free Bonus:

Bonus 1

Digital Gift for FREE! ( send the download link to your email after your order shipped )

  • The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Original Soundtrack [FLAC] 1.95 GB (gigabytes)

soundtrack for botw

Bonus 2

  • The Legend of Zelda Concert 2018 [FLAC]  537 MB (megabytes)


Bonus 3

  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Creating a Champion [PDF] 264 MB (megabytes)

creating a champion

Bonus 4

  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild The Complete Official Guide -Expanded Edition [PDF] 655 MB (megabytes)

 the complete official guide

Bonus 5

  • Free Online Digital Map for Botw and Link's Awakening ( all Treasure Chest, Korok seeds, side-quests, Diary & book, checkpoint all in one)

digital map for zelda breath of the wild

digital map for link's awakening


Dear customers:

Welcome to this little site.

We have been making amiibo cards since 2016. You may have seen our listings dotted around on Amazon, well we decided to make the leap to our very own online store. This has been a big step for us and now we have even expanded to custom designs for our customers. So if you can't find something you are after, we might be able to make a special card just for you!

Our merchandise company based in Hong Kong and ships from the United States. We got started in 2016 with one goal: Celebrating our favorite games with products we actually wanted to own.

We pride ourselves in our card making skills and ensure that we only provide you with our premium quality cards. A lot of time and effort goes into making these amiibo cards, we use only the finest materials to ensure you get a good end product. The high-resolution card is used to produce images that are crisp in quality and allows for the colors to really pop on the cards.

We use only the finest NFC Tag chips to ensure a large scan area. Some people have even said it scans even better than their amiibo.

Our service are extreme, we have not received a negative review of the products at Trustpilot, and we believe that choose us is worth it and the best choice of buying botw amiibo cards.

Any Problem Please Contact us by email:

Daniel Morgan.

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Your package will leave our warehouse shortly after (Ships within 24 hours, but the reason for the ship system of our warehouse to carriers, the tracking number will show up later than the actual ship.)

What's the Shipping Method?

Orders OVER $10 Free USPS shipping, Send from our Cranbury wearhouse.

What's Your Refund And Return Policy

We are committed to providing the best product and service possible. If you feel that our service was not what you expected, please contact us and we will work with you to correct the situation. Depending on the situation, this may or may not result in a full refund. You can check the refund policy by this link:

You may request a return by emailing

If you have a problem with your order please reach out within seven days of receiving the order with photos attached and send to

Do the cards have warranty?

Yes, all the Zelda amiibo nfc game cards bought from has lifetime warranty*

* the theoretical lifetime will last for 20 years, that means we can give 20 years warranty, you can also check the warranty information in our user manual, you can download it at:

* If your bought before 14 February 2020, the warranty is two years limited warranty

The theoretical life of our chip will last for 20 years:

"If you are using passive RFID tags, they should last for 20 years, as long as the tags are not bent or broken. 

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal "


How Offen Can I Use for the Cards, Why I can't get the armor or gear that display on the datasheet?

You can only scan each amiibo once per day. Each amiibo related to Legend of Zelda drops a unique piece of armor or gear, but it not 100% drop the unique armor in first time, so it’s worth checking every day until you get something truly unique. It’s possible to get doubles too, so sell those extra parts.


Is the Card Same As Amiibo?

Yes, is used like Amiibo, We use only the finest NFC Tag chips to ensure a large scan area. Some people have even said it scans even better than their amiibo.

It's different design with the Amiibo, how can I know which one is?

We have a digital user manual if you download and you can find what card corresponding the amiibo

You also can download the manual by this link:

Can the cards using in other Games or Other Console?

Yes, it works like Amiibo, so they can using in Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS and All the games which support amiibos, such as Fire Emblem Warriors, Super Smash Bros, and also support write data in Super Smash Bros, you also can save the Amiibo Characters's level by using the Amiibo cards.