Here's a list of all the Zelda Breath of the Wild amiibo rewards.

In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of all the Amiibo that you can use with the game, as well as the rewards you'll get for doing so.How to use Amiibo in Breath of the Wild.

The amiibo rune can be unlocked by going to the amiibo menu and then choosing to enable the amiibo rune. From here, it's just a case of activating the amiibo rune from your normal rune menu and then placing, you can learn more to check this artical.

How to get Epona in Breath of the Wild

Epona, Link's lovely horse from Ocarina of Time, can be ridden in Breath of the Wild. The easiest way to get her is to scan the Twilight Link Smash Bros amiibo. Once Epona is teleported into the game world you'll want to head over to a stable and register her, allowing you to summon her whenever you like. It's worth noting that Epona has incredible stats, maxing out Strength, Speed, and Stamina. Epona has a gentle Temperament, which means she rarely becomes agitated by your behavior.

When registering Epona at a stable you'll see that the horse is known by the stable owner and her name is automatically entered.

How to get Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild

Wolf Link is a character in Twilight Princess. You can spawn him into the game by using the Wolf Link amiibo. Once he's appeared you can control him with amiibo-specific controls and he'll follow you around and attack enemies during

Once you've reached 20 heart containers in Twilight Princess for Wii U, it's possible to save hearts to your amiibo. Just play through the first six levels of the Cave of Shadows without taking any damage, but in Zeldacards, you can get 20 heart wolf link directly.

Other Amiibo Uses in Breath of the Wild

Most amiibo used in Breath of the Wild don't give rewards on the level of Epona or Wolf Link, instead delivering a handy bunch of items. This applies to many amiibo, including Wind Waker Zelda and the new amiibo released for Breath of the Wild.

  • 8-bit Link amiibo: gives players with a selection of randomly assorted goodies such as rupees.
  • Ocarina of Time Link amiibo: gives player a selection of meat. Yummy!
  • Toon Link amiibo: gives players a random selection of fish. Also yummy!
  • Toon Zelda amiibo: gives players a random selection of plants for use in cooking.
  • Guardian amiibo: unlocks rare weapons and items, including a special arrow.
  • Bokoblin amiibo: unlocks some rare fancy clubs.
  • Horse Rider Link amiibo: gives a special sword and a saddle.
  • Breath of the Wild Zelda amiibo: gives early access to the Hylian shield.
  • Archer Link amiibo: gives players an impressive bow.