Hello everyone. Today I will explain the easiest way to unlock Epona in BOTW.

What is Epona?

Epona is first seen when she is just a foal at Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time, where she is raised by Malon. She is wild and untamed, running away when Link approaches, as only Malon can get close to her.

After Malon teaches Link "Epona's Song", Epona stops running away and approaches Link. She nuzzles up against Link, almost as if she suspects he is her mother. In truth, she does not know how to find her mother because she has never met her in person. She only knows that she belongs to the Sheikah clan because of the small cloth she wears around her neck and because she remembers seeing a woman wearing similar cloth while on a trip to Hyrule at some point in Sheikah history. When Link tries to buy a horse for her, she runs away. Eventually, she caves in and allows Link to feed her some hay. At first, Link worries that she has mistaken him for a servant because of her reaction towards him, but after she sees him and recognizes him as a true friend, she calms down and lets him ride her.


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How to get epona in botw?

The Best way is using amiibos, the Link (Twilight Princess) and Super Smash Bros - Link all can summon Epona in Breath of the wild (botw) will help you easily get epona.

Though others will summon a supply drop of items when hit, the first time the Smash Bros. Series Link is used it will summon Epona instead of a supply drop.

 summon epona

If Epona doesn't show up the first time, it means she can't be summoned where you are. Go to a place where wild horses gather and try again. If Epona still doesn't show, scan a different amiibo and then scan again the Smash Bros. Series Link Amiibo or Link (Twilight Princess) Amiibo.

Unlike wild horses, Epona can be mounted without taming. However, if you want to keep and ride Epona, then register the horse at a stable as soon as possible. If you summon Epona in an area where you cannot get to Stable, like on the Great Plateau you can get Epona by using the Smash Bros. Link Amiibo, you will have to wait a few days until the reset time arrives and to try again. However, summoning standard supply drop items is all you will get until Epona reappears.

If you summoned Epona but forgot to register her and lost your horse, don't worry. You can summon her again, who will disappear from wherever you left her to appear in front of you - but it may take several tries.
epona register
register epona
It's worth noting that Epona cannot be renamed - the stablemasters recognize a legendary horse when they see one. Also, she will get a unique saddle and bridle featuring the triforce symbol.


If you're having difficulty summoning Epona, we can help you, please contact us.


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